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I’ve done some Windows-only stuff on this blog already, but I own a Mac, so it’s about time I do something for my homies out there running OSX. Breaking from the tools that would normally have you launching a Terminal, I’m going to direct your attention to AppleScript. As you might gather, AppleScript is Apple’s […]

When I first started with Python, I noticed that it had a built-in utility for parsing XML. After using regular expressions to rip through XML files as chunks of structured text (not a fun experience), I thought it would be an interesting idea to attempt it in Python using the built-in minidom parser. As a […]

If you have Python on your computer, you have access to a powerful way to learn: the Python interpreter itself. It allows you to interactively test out code and see the result. So with that said, fire up your Python interpreter. If you’re on windows, either open your command prompt (start menu->run->cmd.exe) and type “python,” […]

Most people, when they decide they want learn how to program or script, probably want to do something involving the Internet. At the very least, it’s a good way to show off the power of a scripting language like Python. You might be floored by how easy it is to download a file. When I […]

So a student, Mackenzie Morgan, asked a question on her Ubuntu Linux Tips & Tricks blog that made me think of this blog. In her post, she asks for advice on teaching Python to an 8 year old. Read the comments, there are some interesting tidbits in there. Now, I’m not equating your intellectual capacity […]

So I just came across a fairly good tutorial on Perl by Philip Paradis. Perl’s a fun language. Before I came across Python (or indeed, before there was a Python), Perl ruled the scripting land. It was what people wrote a lot of Web applications in (now people predominantly use PHP, though I prefer Python) […]

Hello boys and girls, and welcome to Everyday Scripting, a blog about how you can use modern scripting technologies to improve your everyday life! “But Ken,” you might ask, “why do I need to know how to script things? Isn’t that programming?” Well yes, it is. Programming isn’t just for the guys at Google and […]