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So unfortunately, the guy who developed libgmail has stopped upkeep, and most likely, the version you have is defunct. HOWEVER: There is an updated version of libgmail. Share and enjoy. I was working on a project once where I needed to download some Google Alert e-mails from a Gmail account and automatically download and organize […]

One of Python’s many strengths is its large library of modules. OK, so you may not be able to fly (well, maybe with that medicine…), but you can import antigravity now. It just opens up a Web browser with that comic in it. In any case, what does this have to do with processing a […]

In my previous post I mentioned a cool little tool called Yahoo! Pipes, but didn’t really explain what it was. Pipes is a tool much like Automator in that it lets you create workflows to deal with data instead of writing code. It’s not that I don’t like writing code, but sometimes it’s a lot […]