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The Internet is a bit like a giant database. There’s information and data strewn about, distributed all over the world, and we run queries on the data using tools like Google. Many different sites put out constantly updated, useful information, like US gas prices. The problem is that they don’t all supply APIs and XML […]

Note: This post contains errors. I’m quite sorry, but see my correction post on the difference between floating-point and integer math for details. Sometimes when you’re sitting at a computer you need to hammer out a quick calculation. Despite not being a huge math fan, I find this to be true more often than I’d […]

So I just came across a fairly good tutorial on Perl by Philip Paradis. Perl’s a fun language. Before I came across Python (or indeed, before there was a Python), Perl ruled the scripting land. It was what people wrote a lot of Web applications in (now people predominantly use PHP, though I prefer Python) […]